Our staff members have diverse competencies and have attended many trainings and capacity building interventions.

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Organizational strenghths

Basic Qualities of our staff hence, enhancing strengths and opportunities

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Our capabilities

We are capable

We are capable of managing projects at the best excellent manner possible.

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Organisational Background


In collaboration with local and national stakeholders, GROW has over the years implemented OVC care and support programmes, worked with people affected and infected by HIV and AIDS, livelihood recovery, good governance, gender advocacy, Psychosocial Care and Support, Household Economic Strengthening, Protection, Early Childhood Development, PMTCT and group dynamics.

GROW has Field teams who live in communities, developing capacities by providing GROW’s full range of rural development programs.  GROW has established and maintained cooperation with different local and national stakeholders in all its projects through different forums that plan and implement social support activities supporting women, children and people living HIV. This has ensured adoption and continuity of activities and initiatives beyond project’s life. Fundamental to the projects continuity plan is alignment of its goal and objectives with the national and local government policies and objectives thus facilitating a smooth transition from project into long term community council initiatives.

GROW has been working with the following community councils: Sanqebethu, Seate, Menoaneng, Mphokojoane and Urban councils.

In all the projects we have been involved in we have managed to perform according to targets and in some exceeded the targets.

GROW is currently a member of the Lesotho Country Coordinating Mechanism under the Global Fund Coordinating Unit. 

                                                ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE