Mokhotlong Egg Enterprise Project

CARE has been involved in various socio-economic development projects within the Mokhotlong District aimed at improving livelihoods of the rural population. The Mokhotlong Poultry Farmers Association was formed to fulfil the activities of the Mokhotlong Egg Enterprise project that has been implemented by CARE with support from Lundin Foundation since 2012. Some of projects’ beneficiaries had been known to rear poultry albeit at a small scale and CARE saw an opportunity of establishing a commercial poultry production initiative as a means of alleviating widespread poverty. Mokhotlong is a home of diamond mines of Lets’eng, Kao and Mothae and also dam site for LHWP. The mines and dam site employ a large number of workers who have to stay on the sites and be supplied with food and therefore represent large potential markets for local poultry products from the district. The mining activities and the construction of a new dam, Polihali in the district represent a unique opportunity to scale up local enterprise development and to strengthen agricultural value chains. CARE has been implementing an egg enterprise project with five local women farmers who rear poultry, with a vision to empower the women to contribute meaningfully to their own and their community’s development. The project has two objectives: to develop and strengthen a smallholder egg enterprise model and to improve the sustainability and profitability of the smallholder egg producers’ association.


Site visit for Mokhotlong Poultry Farmers Association Project - Ha Setefane.The Association is formed under CARE project to enhance poultry farming in Mokhotlong district.

This is the newly constructed Poultry house for about 200 layers, and is managed by Ha Setefane community who are members of the Mokhotlong Poultry farmers Association.

These are eggs produced on daily basis, packaged in trays and ready for the market.